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Have just been advised that Rogers Online Billing has had major problems for months now.
I cannot access my bill to pay it. Rogers has not notified consumers of this problem. No email...

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mallevato349's picture
3 hours 10 min ago

I'm a senior who saved for a long time to go on a trip with my Daughter who is a single mother working a very stressful job. We booked a week with Air Canada vacations to Varedaro Cuba and were...

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16 hours 42 min ago

I am very p***** off with your company. you ripped me off today. I tried to sign in on my computer and I
get a response from you that my computer is being accessed and then I get a toll free...

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1 day 19 hours ago

So the lady named Tanisha from the office of the president called today claiming I never made a payment arrangement until I read her my screen shots! Then, she said the 100.00 deposit for the...

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1 day 21 hours ago

I went into my local Brick store and noticed the item I wanted is on sale, a lady was shadowing me and I asked her about the item she said it's in stock. I said I wanted to purchase it. So I did...

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1 day 21 hours ago
The Brick

we booked at tour through the sunwing rep at the rui palace in costa rica , this was for my birthday , the tour at Vandara was very good except at the lunch , four of the 6 people that were at our...

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john moore
2 days 33 min ago

I bought a set of winter tires and rims. It turns out one of the tires leaks air. It's still brand new and hasn't been on the road. I wanted to exchange it but PMC tire wouldn't just exchange...

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Dao's picture
2 days 21 hours ago

Someone pretending to be from your company approached me via email with one of those "you have won" scams. i can send it on to you guys if you want me to, maybe you can prosecute them?

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3 days 6 hours ago

I just signed up as a new member of the LA fitness on 167 avenue location in Edmonton I do not find the reception at the club very inviting most of the staff there are very rude and self centred...

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Catherine smith
3 days 13 hours ago



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