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I ordered some merchandise online and it was shipped by UPS. I received the information from UPS on their website. It showed I was scheduled for a Wed. delivery, later moved to Thurs.. When I...

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1 hour 21 min ago

I contact Sunwing with regards to price adjustment. I asked to speak to the supervisor three weeks ago to date I haven't heard back from anyone. What type of customer service is this? Every...

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2 hours 44 min ago

Usual full blanket warranty paid for ,collapsed cushions 4yrs old , The Brick refused repair , cost was to high.They want to give my original $800 back towards a new couch and take the old 9/10...

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4 hours 41 min ago

Hello Microsoft!
I like you guys. I have always been a fan of Microsoft and that is why I chose the Microsoft Store Online to buy my Dell XPS a few weeks ago. I enjoyed my computer without...

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16 hours 52 min ago

I have called and spoken to numerous people concerning my membership from La fitness regarding my old membership with Bally Fitness health spa and gotten a total runaround from everyone I have...

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18 hours 49 min ago

I opened an account for my new company and I had a check from my insuracne and I deposited the check which was made under my company name and garage name that they fixed my car,the check was...

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1 day 6 hours ago
TD Canada Trust

I purchased a chair through the Brick on line with my dad's visa card as a Christmas gift the chair was purchased in December of 2014. My dad lives in Niagara Falls and I live in Toronto, a call...

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1 day 6 hours ago

So I boarded a flight on Mar 30 from Cuba to Ottawa with a stopover in Hamilton when we board the aircraft we were told the AC was not working and should be working once we get in the air, it was...

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2 days 1 hour ago

My matrix was bought 4 and half years ago, I went to Toyota to do the regular maintenance yesterday, the car has no problem at all, I was charged $999.87 for changing battery , air filter and oil...

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2 days 1 hour ago
Toyota Canada Inc



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