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I have had a computer for many years . I am a silver surfer ! I thought I'd try Windows 10. Successfully downloaded on my ancient computer. After a while, thought I'd go back to Windows 7....

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Anthony Cates
1 hour 49 min ago

Hello, I am writing to let you know that on Sunday, we made reservations for 3 suites at TownePlace Suites by Marriott, Colorado Springs Marriott Hotel for Sept 1-6 for Parents weekend. I have...

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2 hours 57 min ago

Let us walk along while you are moving or relocating with your company. Total Rubbish will clean all the mess around and remove away with our skip bins. While you will be concentrating on your...

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7 hours 33 min ago
Total Rubbish

If you have come across severe issues in the Google account then it is a severe matter that need immediate guidance and support. Via suggested helpline facility, overcome undue hurdles and soon...

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10 hours 14 min ago

My son and I travelled to the Dick's Sporting Goods store in Williamsburg, VA on Sunday, July 24, 2016. We entered the store and went to the golf area with the intention of fitting my son with a...

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13 hours 41 min ago

I was told my bill would be 29.99 or 49.99 I don't know witch one any more because it has been
awhile now. But after I signed the contract the person that was helping me told me that if I...

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16 hours 8 min ago

I own a 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring Model with 42000 km and in mint condition.
The vehicle started to make a squealing noise in the front for approximately 5 seconds from a cold start and the...

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Bob Aessie
18 hours 13 min ago
Honda Canada Inc

I was with valiant mobile about ten years ago. I operated a multimillion dollar company as well and had my personal phones with them also a fleet of mobile phones with them. Due to many different...

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21 hours 8 min ago

Did a wire transfer 2 months ago from my TD Canada Trust home branch to my American bank account (not TD). Used info from the American bank, and it went through within 1 hr. 3 weeks ago did a...

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X TD Customer
21 hours 58 min ago
TD Canada Trust



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